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RWBY Fantasy 2 ~ Chapter 20
Chapter 20: Hour Left.
Cor manages to find prompto and free him from his capture, the two
share words of what's going getting settle just before an enraged cinder approaches the
two as her new powers has been bough out,
upon seeing her, cor tells prompto to escape as he needs to rely the message
to him, prompto fought back against the chancellor's decision but cor immediately
yells some sense into him to leave.
As prompto ran for the exit cinder went at nothing to kill him as he and cor
now knows to much of her plan, sending a shocking burst of flames down the corridor towards
prompto to turn him into dust.
Cor manages to stop cinder's incoming attack, with prompto successfully escaping leaving cor alone
with the vicious cinder fall.
cinder get's the upper hand on cor keeping him down for the count and brutally injuring him as he
was left defenseless, as he looks back towards cinder hovering over her like a queen towards her peasants with her eyes glowing along with ember color eyes.
:icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 4 0
DBZ Meme #16: by Digi-TheSaiyan DBZ Meme #16: :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 25 21 Tilla's Family by Digi-TheSaiyan Tilla's Family :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 16 1
RWBY Fantasy 2 ~ Chapter 19
Chapter 19: The Immortal's End
After a mysterious disappearance from prompto discovered by
gladio and cor, with his disfigured jacket burnt in half gladio left it
up to cor to find prompto.
Along with that Noctis visited both mercury and emerald and gave
them both tough words for them of what to do now as he let them both free,
both mercury and emerald left in silent if not to take noctis wisdom into account.
Pyrrha on her way towards the arena early to prepare herself for her match, just before
the rest of team jnpr encounters her as jaune noticed she was a bit off since the last
time they saw her he wanted to be sure if she was alright, upon doing so
she accidentally sent jaune flying back with her semblance as she didn't want to have jaune
or the others apart of her problem.
ren and nora helps up jaune back to his feet upon realizing pyrrha was gone, the trio just
decided to leave her be until her match.
meanwhile prompto wakes up from his captured slumber, upon doing so realized he
:icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 3 5
RWBY Fantasy 2 ~ Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Going down hill
After a Confused situation involving both yang
and mercury after they're match, it took both noctis and ignis to settle
to bring this scheming to a close.
with ruby,noctis and the others re-group of what just happened
feeling that someone is pulling the strings of something right under they're noses
shortly prompto left to see when the next match will begin.
upon leaving an enraged cinder sneak attacks prompto capturing one
of the king's closes friends with that the festival turns good to worst
each coming hour...
Insomnia, The Crown City Arena, 12:39 PM
The intercome comes on in the arena. "Ladies and Gentleman we received word from the king of insomnia himself, with the recent incident that occurred not to long ago the festival has gone for a short investigation."
"The festival shall continue later in the afternoon as we close up the semi finals between
two huntresses representing both Beacon Academy and Atlas Academy"
"Pyrrha Nikos vs. Penny Polend
:icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 5 15
RWBY Fantasy 2 ~ Chapter 17
Chapter 17: A Controversial Ending?
With the Vytal Festival currently in the semi-finals, it begins with
the long awaited fight between yang and mercury. before the fight begin it seems
he has a scheme up his sleeves.
The Rest of Team RWBY,Noct and the others watches from the crowd
as the fight begins.
Insomnia, The Crown City Arena, 11:29 AM
The Crowd of the arena was cheering in excitement as both yang and mercury was going at it
trading blow to blow, kick to punch as it seem both of them was evenly a match.
Mercury goes in for a kick as yang blocks it with her open hand as a shockwave could be heard when the two collided.
The two pushes each other away as yang begins shooting from her gauntlets, mercury quickly dodges the incoming attack as it hit the concrete ground on the stage, he then ran towards yang as he jumps overhead with a kick.
Yang quickly blocks the incoming attack from above with her gauntlets as she pushes him away,mercury lands back on his feet as flash kick's
:icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 6 16
Tilla Vs Yamcha by Digi-TheSaiyan Tilla Vs Yamcha :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 18 3
RWBY Fantasy 2 ~ Chapter 16
Chapter 16: The Recap,Semi Finals Begins
Hello!, if you don't know my name is ruby rose, long story me and team was sent on a long journey
to retrieve the astral marks, these marks were said being held by a king long time ago until he vanished, during the journey we came across that king..his name was noctis.
Only me and my team could see him but later down the road he some how got
his life back, later he mentioned a name of a person called cosmos but that's all we know currently.
after we finished off roman torchwick for good
beacon academy was saved and noctis and his reunited fans set off somewhere.
Later with the Festival coming up and being held in noctis home city
we asked him and his friends to train us and they gladly did! *accidentally get's cookie crumbs on her journal and wipes it off* we went through tough training yang went through the worst she told us she fought against this guy name gilgamesh i'm just lucky she survived!
Once we arrived in the crown city we met a few ne
:icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 4 7
Gamer Ruby #25 (Mario Odyssey) by Digi-TheSaiyan Gamer Ruby #25 (Mario Odyssey) :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 38 6 Xenoblade Protagonist Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan Xenoblade Protagonist Wallpaper :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 19 1 MMD: Ruby and Ragna (Screenshot) by Digi-TheSaiyan MMD: Ruby and Ragna (Screenshot) :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 26 1 Back to Bounty Hunting! by Digi-TheSaiyan Back to Bounty Hunting! :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 49 2 MMD JoJo: Shine On You Crazy Diamond! by Digi-TheSaiyan MMD JoJo: Shine On You Crazy Diamond! :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 12 2 Ask Neopolitan #14 by Digi-TheSaiyan Ask Neopolitan #14 :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 10 1 Ask Neopolitan #13 by Digi-TheSaiyan Ask Neopolitan #13 :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 12 1 MMD RWBY: Creepy Ruby by Digi-TheSaiyan MMD RWBY: Creepy Ruby :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 39 15


Kid Goku in UA Sports by KeybladeMagicDan Kid Goku in UA Sports :iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 5 11 Sora x Elly - I found you. by Zadornov151 Sora x Elly - I found you. :iconzadornov151:Zadornov151 3 1 First art gift:: Shadtrax as Dan the man by Nafyo-Toons First art gift:: Shadtrax as Dan the man :iconnafyo-toons:Nafyo-Toons 26 36 A little Mischievous by HowSplendid A little Mischievous :iconhowsplendid:HowSplendid 36 34 Majin girl by folgore2010
Mature content
Majin girl :iconfolgore2010:folgore2010 11 4
Flowers!! by thegreyzen Flowers!! :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 185 24 Pikmin...4??? by thegreyzen Pikmin...4??? :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 91 12 SMASH BROS EXTREME 01 AVAILABLE NOW :) by Witchking00
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SMASH BROS EXTREME 01 AVAILABLE NOW :) :iconwitchking00:Witchking00 182 12
Tatsumi Antoinette XVI [Commission] by dmy-gfx Tatsumi Antoinette XVI [Commission] :icondmy-gfx:dmy-gfx 87 2 Stay Away from him! by gamemaster8910 Stay Away from him! :icongamemaster8910:gamemaster8910 44 20 Sindel pin up by Miss-Berry Sindel pin up :iconmiss-berry:Miss-Berry 15 3 Lovely owo by Gravitype Lovely owo :icongravitype:Gravitype 3 2 Tag Team by ravusWolf Tag Team :iconravuswolf:ravusWolf 3 0 Biff by TheGreatTorotheKing Biff :iconthegreattorotheking:TheGreatTorotheKing 14 4 Thicctendo 2017 by EvilDei Thicctendo 2017 :iconevildei:EvilDei 389 28 Diet Cruise - Chapter 10 by LordStormCaller Diet Cruise - Chapter 10 :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 276 18

Students of Qamar Academy

Head Master
:icondigi-thesaiyan: - Digi - The Cyber Propaganda
Weapon - BlackBolt Blade (Blade/Dual Sword)


:icontakedademonherald: - Takeda Nebulous. Retribution. Teaching Grimm Studies.

Qamar Academy Students

:iconfumikomiyasaki:- Fumiko - The Green Phoenix
Weapon- Phoenal Weight (Dual Sword,Spear)

:iconneo9000x:- Jiro Arashi - The Storm Child
Weapon- Zen Tempest (Blade/Blaster)

:iconthelazyleo:- Leo - The Lazy Mauler
Weapon - Roaring Pride (Mini Gun/Great Sword)

:iconshadowreaper1954:- Miles - The Reaper
Weapon - BlackFire Katanas (Katanas)

:iconmasterninja4:- Delsin Echo - Son of Max Echo and Maria Elizabeth
Weapon- The All Star (Gauntlets/Transformable)

:icondreyar-syndrome: - Drey - The Son Of Kings
Weapon - Shuriken

:iconmichaeljcaboose35: - Fitz - Samurai of the Wind
Weapon - Replica Monado

:iconinstinctshadowsaiyan: - Instinct - Weapon - Gun
(Dual Gun Swords)

:iconsliverwurst: - Atlas
Atlas Forged Hammer (Double Sided Sword/Plasma Railgun)

:iconnazizombiekiller217: - Jolt - Electric Punner
Weapon - Blackstar (Chained Scythes/Revolvers)

:icontrue-blue-pikachu: - Jared - Dragon's Roar
Weapon - Blazing Blue Excalibur (Sword)

:iconfelixrenegade: - Felix - The Destroyer
Weapon - Renegade Weaponizer (Dual Pistols/Assault Rifle/ Dual Swords)

:iconch3c3ntaur: - Onyx Wayfare
Weapon - Dual Great Swords/Combine into Scythe

:icondjhiryu508: - Danny J - The Renegade Hero
Weapon-Midnight tempest (collapsible polearm glaive which can fire plazma bursts when charged and has a boomerang effect when thrown)

:iconspideyk: - Kyle Everett - The Ghost
Weapon- Saibankan no baishin shikkō (Saibankan for short)
(Sword/Energy sword, Dual sword/Dual energy sword)

(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

RWBY Fantasy: Something is happening later in the story involving ruby's crescent rose weapon..which name do you like the most? 

29 deviants said Crescent Rose Ultima
23 deviants said Ultima Rose


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